Snapping your job opportunity اقتنص فرصتك الوظيفية

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  • Snapping your job opportunity اقتنص فرصتك الوظيفية

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Snapping your job opportunity اقتنص فرصتك الوظيفية

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About the teacher

Basem Mosallam باسم مُسلَّم

Content Marketing Strategist

أعمل في مجال البيع والتسويق بالتجارة الإلكترونية، بعد أكثر من 10 أعوام من التخصص في صناعة المحتوى التسويقي والتسويق الرقمي داخل عدد من الشركات في مجالات عدة

10 Years of expertise co-building up the digital presence of entrepreneurship startups in different fields of business via content creation & digital marketing techniques to get leads and scale-up.

I worked in the fields of eCommerce, eLearning, innovation management, crowdfunding, journalism, community development, recruiting, motion graphics, software, and manufacturing.

Played different roles as a graphic designer, photographer, video shooter/editor, copywriter, content creator, podcast editor, data sourcing, customer support, business analyst, digital marketer, project manager, and team leader. It was a heavy experience to know how to make the story fascinating to various audiences.